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We are an experienced, properly licensed, and reliable local roofing company serving all of Central and Eastern NC. Our model is that we have strategically placed roofing professionals representing us in all of the local towns and communities across our markets. These are highly trained, knowledgeable, and committed professionals here to serve you, the property owner. Our website here is full of info for you to learn more about us and our approach to serving you. Click below on contact our team and we will connect you with an advisor who serves your area. We look forward to speaking with you, and ultimately taking this burden off your shoulders.


Your home is your most valuable asset, and who is in it, is most valuable to you. Nothing under that roof can be as it should be, unless the roofing system above is doing what is was designed to do. It's incredibly important to your peace of mind and the comfort of your home. You should only allow the best companies available, with the highest level trained professionals assist you in whatever your facing with your roof today. We are that company.

Wind & Hail Damage

As a property owner, you are fortunate to live in a state where our property insurance policies cover wind and hail damage. That's the right start -now your responsibility is to ensure you choose a company that knows that claims process and how to ensure you are paid fully and properly in order to get your roof and home back to it's original condition. This can be a winding road to navigate - we do it everyday, with success everyday. We respect and appreciate insurance companies that take care of their policy holders and we value the trust and respect we have established with local property adjusters. We are the experienced company that can & will take this burden off of your shoulders.

Siding & Gutters

In nearly all cases of wind and hail damage, it's more than just the roof itself that needs restoring. We are organizationally built and prepared to handle the full scope of work that you will experience from storm damage such as wind and hail. Our team of professionals, our experienced tradesman and crews, are all trained and committed to this process. We are the company for you -the company to take this off your already busy and full schedule, and see your restoration project through to completion.

Interior Damage

As it often happens, during storm events, the impact of the event damages the roof, therefore exposing what's beneath it to rain and water. Because this is so frequent, we are built to handle this with experienced and drywall and painting crews. On more the 70% of our projects, there is some degree of "staining" or leaking that occurs inside. We first work to stop the water and the damage that's occurring, then we address the interior damaged areas. This is simply more of us being intentionally built and organized as a company to handle the full scope of work after a major and often times, minor storm event. We are the company for you - the company that exists to take this burden off of your shoulders.

Why Choose Us?

Reason 1

We are Professionals, in everything we do. We are not tobacco dip spitting, show up late, "contractors". We are licensed, trained, industry professionals. We have brought the desire for success, technology leading software and resources along with an intense passion for excellence to the construction industry.

Reason 2

We still believe in and act on the moral standard of "treating others the way you would like to be treated". We actually do it, day in and day out. Our process, workflow, pricing, all of it for us - is transparent. We believe you should get the absolute best product and delivery, while also knowing we must be a profitable, and sustainable company that's here for decades to come. We treat you, the way we want to be treated. The relationship we establish with you is critical to our short and long term success and we want to be the company you choose without hesitation for this event and the next.

Reason 3

Our organization and model is designed to serve you, the property owner. From the initial touch, the software and technology we use, our wonderful office staff, our commitment to communication - it is all built in a manner that delivers the very best to you, the client. We are not arrogant, but we are proud. We know that the structure and organization we have, the highest level training, the never ending commitment to learning we practice, is of top grade and very few companies in the construction or roofing industries are as well defined and built. We simply deliver.

Reason 4

Kolby KitterleKolby Kitterle
23:12 21 Jan 23
I was sitting at my home and Scott came a knocking- he asked if he could inspect my roof and he noticed some damage and suggested I file a claim so I did- here I am happier than ever not only with a new roof but knowing it was done right and no corners were cut. I highly recommend Scott Capps with Pro Roofing Restoration for all your roofing needs
Michelle SimsMichelle Sims
18:57 29 Dec 22
5 stars is not enough for Pro-Roofing! Their shingle and metal roofing crews were hard working, polite and did a fantastic job of cleaning up nails & materials. Our new roof looks fantastic, but what truly sets them apart is top notch customer service! As sometimes happens, we had a glitch in the process but we were never worried… the President of the company was immediately at our home to discuss and he saw our project through to completion! We are so impressed with their workmanship and their ethics. If you are looking for the best roofing team we highly recommend Pro-Roofing!
Amy AndrewsAmy Andrews
17:20 20 Dec 22
Highly recommend Pro Roofing & Restoration!! They were a pleasure to work with and help resolved all my issues from storm damage to my home. There professionalism and customer service was stellar from start to finish.
Evan ProctorEvan Proctor
00:39 27 Nov 22
After a storm damaged my roof and caused water damage to my ceiling, I contacted Scott Capps to help me work through the repair process. He helped with the insurance claim, the adjusters visit, scheduling the install with Travis, and spent Saturday overseeing the installation of the new roof and repairing the water damaged ceiling as well. This whole process from start to finish could not have gone any smoother and I owe a great thank you to Scott and Pro Roofing.
Donna WaggonerDonna Waggoner
17:43 13 May 22
We had Pro Roofing replace our roof. We had Ricky come out on April 22nd for an estimate on our roof. He gave us a very reasonable estimate. . We put down our deposit that day, and Tuesday April 26, he informed me our roof would be done Wed. the 27th. They completed the roof in a timely mannner. Ricky was very professional, , answered any questions we had, wasn't pushy trying to sell us things we didn't need , very honest. He was right there working with the crew., sent me pictures when the roof was complete.The crew did an amazing job .Quality work. Highly recommend them..

Advanced Technology

We use cutting edge technology which is safer for our team, and creates less liability for our workers. Gone are the days of using ladders and climbing on top of your roof just to get an estimate. Before you even sign a claim or work order, schedule your drone inspection with us first.

Storm Damage, Major or Minor?

Don't delay, the problem will only get worse. Let us come and do an inspection now. There is no charge for this inspection, it is our opportunity to advise and guide you on the next best step.



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Step 1

Reach Out

You can do this by text, call or submitting a request here on our site—we prefer calls and texts over online submissions and can handle your request even faster this way.


Step 2

Property Inspection

We do both a photo and video report of the damage we find, allowing us to bring your roof down to your front lawn or kitchen bar for you to see yourself. As licensed drone pilots, we utilize this technology to work smarter, more efficiently, and safer. Our drones take excellent photos that we then review and compile into a PDF document that can be easily understood and shared.


Step 3


Based on the findings of our inspection and our experience as roof and storm damage experts, we'll advise you on what the next step is for you.

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