Your residential roofing specialist in Central and Eastern North Carolina

Residential Roofing


The residential process with us all starts with a complimentary property inspection. During this step we are assessing both your roof and home’s exterior for signs of wind, rain, and hail damage. We do this thoroughly and take photos and videos of our findings in order to show you what we’ve found and bring the damage right down to your hands where you can see what we’re seeing. We like to say we’re bringing your roof down to the front lawn or the kitchen bar.

Based on these findings, we can advise you on what the next step looks like. In most often all cases, across Central and Eastern NC, due to the constant impact storms have on our state, there is some level of wind, rain, hail or all three. We work daily with insurance adjusters across the regions we serve to ensure our clients property damage is assessed thoroughly and addressed.

With years of industry and storm related experience, combined with building a reputation with the local insurance adjusters in our markets as a respected, reliable, professionally ran roofing company – we are confident when we suggest the degree of damage and what steps should be taken, that we can be trusted as the experts we are.

These steps above, along with placing your trust in the experience and commitment we have to truly be the most trusted and professional roofing organization in our markets, we can now guide you through the process of getting your roof and home restored to it’s beautiful and necessary original condition. The end goal is that we both, the property owner and us a company, win and are fully satisfied. That your home is fully and properly restored while we along the way are a profitable, and sustainable company that can continue for the decades ahead to provide the absolute best experience and delivery for our clients.

Please grab your phone now and simply call or text us and we will have your inspection appointment set for you within the next 24 hours. We look forward to being your Roofing Expert both today and the years ahead.